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Camp Brings Mental Performance to NWU

The Optimize Your Performance Camp, held November 25th and 26th, brought an added element to Northwest United Camps. A mental performance component, featuring classroom sessions with Behr Ibarra of Ibarra Mindset and Performance, educated NWU student athletes on the importance and development of the psychological aspects of soccer.

“This was our first camp combining the mental aspects of the game in a classroom setting with all the on field technical, tactical and physical work," said Kristian Powell, NWU Director of Soccer. We strived to make it of the highest quality and we feel we delivered that. Behr did a great job gifting the tools and information to the campers. We focused on applying the concepts they learned in class straight onto the field."

By combining concepts acquired in the classroom and allowing players to develop them on the field within minutes, camp participants were able to add another level to their development as athletes and as citizens in their community.

"I enjoyed working with such a fun, energetic, and attentive group. Working on the Mental side of sport is critical in all levels of the game," said performance coach, Behr Ibarra. "This camp was a great success in bridging all the skills necessary to be successful in the game of soccer. The campers were great in maintaining attention and applying the skills immediately after learning in the classroom. Kristian provided the right balance of success and challenge that gave the campers an opportunity to implement the new skills. The players shared many positive take aways—specially how fun and challenging the experience was. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with NWU athletes. Many are on their way to play top level soccer, where they will need the mental strength to be successful—often, it’s the competitive edge and difference maker among the best. Happy to see NWU investing time in offering this new opportunity to younger players."

"It was a huge success and we received great feedback in how much it helped our players," Powell continued. The players were immediately able to use the tools learnt on the camp to the field and to their performances. Also they will be able to takeaway these techniques and information to use in their game and in life in general. We’re excited to do more of these camps as it will impact our players greatly.”


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