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We are excited to announce our new camp geared towards applying key mindset training to help with performance anxiety, confidence, mental blocks and overall how to prepare mentally. Coupled with high level technical training and games to practice what is learnt from the classroom. We hope this helps players reach their optimal level in the game.

"After a highly successful initial camp, which received positive feedback and reviews, we are reintroducing our combined technical training and games with a focus on mental performance. This camp is designed for those facing challenges such as mental blocks, performance anxiety, lack of confidence, or those seeking to cultivate the right mindset for soccer. Our top-class room sessions will delve into these techniques, which will then be applied during our technical training and field games. If you're interested, please sign up here for a massively impactful experience with our Director Kristian Powell & Behr Ibarra running the mental side of the camp"

  • April 4th & 5th, 3-6pm

  • 90-minute Field Session

  • 90-minute classroom session dedicated to mental skills

  • $147

Register for the Thanksgiving Camp HERE.

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