Why NWU?

Why Northwest United?

The mission of Northwest United FC is to provide high level training and administrative support that will facilitate the tactical, technical, and mental development of all youth soccer players and coaches.  We aim to provide pathways and opportunities for every player to achieve their goals. Northwest United FC and its coaches are committed to developing high quality individuals through athletic and personal achievement, sportsmanship, and building the character of each youth athlete.

Northwest United FC, previously known as Skagit Storm, has been at the core of the Pacific Northwest's soccer community for decades. Over the past six years, there has been tremendous growth as more and more players are seeking to expand their soccer careers under the structured, encouraging guidance of professional coaches.

Players from Skagit, Island, Snohomish, and Whatcom Counties make up our 30+ teams, which are coached by our professionally licensed coaching staff, and overseen by Director of Coaching, Kristian Powell. 

"My goal for Northwest United FC is to produce and build high quality players and teams, while consistently building all age groups year after year. NWU provides the best opportunitiy for players to maximie their potential both on and off the field."
-Kristian Powell, DOC

What sets this Club apart is that it is committed to developing players to perform at top levels through a Club-wide curriculum. Designed by the Club DOC, the curriculum covers the technical, tactical, and psychological aspects of the game which naturally increases each player's skill, athleticism, and character. This one-of-a-kind curriculum is based off of observations and teachings from around the world, and countless days of research, experience, and training courses. You will not find anything else like this in the area.

At Northwest United FC, we are not only invested in our players on a season to season basis; we are devoted to seeing these kids through high school and act as a second family to them. As they get older, we will do what we can to offer guidance and assistance as they explore college soccer options, too.