2022/23 Tryouts

What Are Tryouts?

Every soccer club that plays in a competitive league host tryouts at the beginning of every season. Tryouts are a process ran by Northwest United to ensure that every player wanting and interested in playing premier soccer are identified and coaches and directors can provide appropriate placement of players onto teams that will help accelerate and benefit their development. Our mission at Northwest United is to provide high level support to players that will facilitate the technical, tactical and mental developmenf of all players. By placing players onto teams during tryouts, this ensures players are in an environment suitable to support their growth. Washington Youth Soccer mandate the tryout dates and schedule.

What to expect at NWU Tryouts

To participate in NWU tryouts players need to register online by creating an account through the information found in our tryout page. Players need to register 1 hour before tryouts start for their age group, but we will accept walk ons if you miss this deadline. Each age group hosts 2 tryouts, so we encourage you to make both!

Plan to arrive 30 minutes before the tryout starts, and you will need to bring confirmation and check in at the Skagit Park pavilion at the south side of Skagit River Park playfields. Also bring water and appropriate clothing, shinguards are manditory. NWU players are to wear non branded playing clothes. Here you will be given a jersey with a number. This jersey number is how coaches identify you throughout the process, and you will the same jersey on both days.

Each age groups head coaches will introduce themselves to the group and our club trainers will then deliver tryouts while the head coaches evaluate. Players will complete a ball mastery warm up, followed by small sided 1v1 and 2v2 attacking practices. This will then progress to small sided games and age format games to finish. Tryouts last for 90 minutes.

Following tryouts the coaches will meet and place players onto teams, the number of teams depend on the number of players available to each age group. Players will receive a phone call offering a spot on a team within 48 hours of tryout as well as jersey numbers posted on our results page. Players will have 24 hours to accept a position on respective team, or be offered a number of different programs our club has to offer.

Tryout Dates and Information

We anticipate in person tryouts for the 2022/23 season and details are as follows. These dates have been set by Washington Youth Soccer and abide with all other clubs within the Regional Club League. Tryouts will be hosted at Skagit River Park, 1108 S Skagit St, Burlington, WA, 98233.


Tryout Dates:

April 27th & 29th (Wednesday & Friday)

  • Boys & Girls 2015-2014 Birth Year (U9), 5pm-6:20pm

May 12th & 13th (Thursday & Friday)

  • Boys & Girls 2010-2008 Birth Year (U13-U15)
    • Boys & Girls 2010 & 2009, 5pm-6:20pm
    • Boys & Girls 2008, 6:30pm-7:50pm

May 16th & 18th (Monday & Wednesday)

  • Boys & Girls 2013-2011 Birth Year (U10-U12)
    • Boys & Girls 2013 & 2012, 5pm-6:20pm
    • Boys & Girls 2011 6:30pm-7:50pm

May 20th & 21th (Friday & Saturday)

  • Friday - Girls 2007-2004 Birth Year (U16-U19), 5pm-6:20pm
  • Saturday - Girls 2007-2004 Birth Year (U16-U19), 11am-12:20pm

Age Divisions

tryouts post 1 4.15.22

For any additional questions please contact our directors:

Kristian Powell (Director of Coaching): kristianpowellnwu@gmail.com or (360) 630-8557

Joana Michaelson (Girls Director of Coaching): joana.michaelson@nwunited.org or (360) 490-0305

Jonathan Graham (Boys Director of Coaching): jonathan.graham@nwunited.org or (360) 422-2480