Team Placement Replaces Regular Tryouts for 2020-2021 Season

With all the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, Washington Youth Soccer & RCL has implemented a league wide process of “Team Placement”. This process will replace our regular in-person tryouts for the 2020-21 season. (This process will not include Boys High School teams ages 2005-2002 as they've already had tryout and teams have been formed)


What you need to know about Team Placement!

All players who wish to participate with Northwest United for the 2020-21 season must register for team placement using the following process. This includes current NWU players as well as outside the club players who are interested in joining NWU for the 2020-21 season. This process has no cost and needs to be completed prior to April 30th, 2020.


Team Placement Registration

  • If you have an account please log in, if not please create an account and use the step by step directions to register. Click Here to access Placement registration today!
  • Within the drop down options click “Northwest United 2020 Placement”
  • Find and select correct birth year, then follow the prompts to finish registration
  • Players who have already registered for "Tryouts" do not need to register again for "Team Placement"


Placement Process

  • All current NWU players will receive a placement email to “reserve” a position with their respective teams on May 1st. (Players who did not participate with any RCL clubs during the 2019-20 season will also be sent an placement email)
  • All non-NWU players who registered for player placement with NWU will be contacted by respective DOC’s to discuss the opportunity of joining NWU. On May 5th a placement email to all non-NWU player will be sent to “reserve” a position within their respective teams. If players have any additional quesitons please reach out to our Direcotor of Coaching Kristian Powell, information below!


Club Registration

  • Following team placement and team selection NWU will provide its new “Club Registration” process as we’re in transition of updating registration software.


Thank you in advance for helping us by registering as soon as possible and for any additional questions regarding placement process please contact the following:

Kristian Powell (Director of Coaching): or (360) 630-8557

Joana Michaelson (Girls Director of Coaching): or (360) 490-0305

Conner Moe (Boys Director of Coaching): or (425) 923-6548