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Cookie Dough Fundraiser 2024

Our cookie dough and popcorn fundraiser is back! We have worked with Adrenaline Fundraising for the past few years and it's been an amazing partnership raising over $50,000 for our families.

With the help of Adrenaline Fundraising our goal is to give players and families an opportunity to raise funds with a zero cost and full profit return. Players participating in our fundraiser will be selling two brands of cookie dough, regular cookie dough and Mrs. Fields cookie dough, and prepackaged popcorn, to family and friends, all while earning prizes for their hard work! Player earnings will be directly applied towards their individual club tuition fees and help offset overall costs.

Our fundraiser will officially kick off Monday, July 8th. Players will receive fundraising flyers from their coach which will include step by step directions on registration as well as how to sell via the Adrenaline Fundraising app "Raise365".  The fundraiser will continue to be fully operated through the Adrenaline Fundraising app AND WILL BE CARD ONLY. NO CASH OR CHECKS.

NWU Fundraiser Overview - Fundraising will be fully operated through the "Raise365" app. On the app players can upload a profile pic, sell, manage orders, and track prizes. All players will receive a fundraising flyer from their individual coaches with details, step by step directions, and prize information. 

Adrenaline Fundraising App Registration Info -

  • Download the Raise365 app (manage orders & prizes here)

  • Register or Login

  • Fundraiser Code - 27605637

  • Pick Team - Players select individual team name

NWU Fundraising Dates - The official fundraiser start date is Monday, July 8th, and players will be able to sell right away once they've registered! The fundraiser end date is Sunday, August 4th. No orders will be taken past this date.

Cost of Cookie Dough (ready to bake), Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough (ready to bake), & Popcorn (ready to eat) - 

  • Box of pre-portioned, ready-to-bake Simply Goodness cookie dough - $25 per box - This item will be DELIVERED BY A PLAYER (Direct Ship not available)

  • Box of pre-portioned, ready-to-bake Mrs. Fields cookie dough - $30 per box - This item is DIRECT SHIP

  • Bag of popcorn (ready to eat) - $25 per bag - This item is DIRECT SHIP

Prizes - 

  • 15 items sold (cookie dough or popcorn) - Player receives a custom NWU Team Fastpack Sling Sack with player name and number.

  • 25 items sold (cookie dough or popcorn) - Player receives a custom NWU 40oz. Travel Mug with player name and number + previous prize.

  • 35 items sold (cookie dough or popcorn) - Player receives a custom NWU Sweatshirt + previous prizes.

  • 45 items sold (cookie dough or popcorn) - Player receives a custom NWU Fleece Blanket with player name and number + previous prizes.

*All prizes will be given to coaches to pass out to players upon arrival, prizes expected to deliver 4-6 weeks after the fundraiser closes.

Pick Up/Delivery/Direct Ship (Direct Ship is available for Mrs. Fields cookie dough and for popcorn) - Similar to past years, we will have coaches/managers pick up complete team cookie dough orders (that are not Mrs. Fields direct ship) at SVC and pass them out to individual players accordingly. Expected date of delivery will be mid-August, with an exact date provided at a later date by Adrenaline Fundraising. Direct Ship orders of Mrs. Fields cookie dough and popcorn will be delivered directly to the customer. The only item that will be delivered to the customer by a player is the regular cookie dough. 

Please note - This fundraiser is OPTIONAL. Players are not mandated to sell or punished if they opt out of selling. 

If anyone has additional questions or concerns please contact Steve Slesk with Adrenaline Fundraising at or Renee Rodriguez at

NW united fc sign up 2024
Download PDF • 11.39MB

NW united fc flyer 2024
Download PDF • 18.42MB


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