Player & Parent Forms

Please fill out the following forms and provide a copy to your Team Manager:

In the event of an injury, this form allows a fellow teammate, Manager, Coach, Treasurer, etc. to take your player to the hospital for evaluation in your absence.


This form acknowledges that the parent and player have been made aware of both conditions. A form should be filled out for every school district a player particpates in, but because Northwest United FC is constantly moving around on fields for trainings and games, we ask that you simply fill it out with "Northwest United FC" in the line.


The following documents are for your own informational purposes and do NOT need to be returned to your Manager.

For your knowledge and awarness, this is an informational packet regarding concussions, standards for concussion treatment, and other topics. *You must read this before signing the Sudden Cardiact Arrest & Concussion Compliance Form


For your knowledge and awareness, this is an informational flyer regarding Sudden Cardiac Arrest in athletes. *You must read this before signing the Sudden Cardiact Arrest & Concussion Compliance Form


Northwest United FC Payment Policies: Refund, Proration, & Expectations

NWU Payment Policy

NWU "No Pay, No Play" Policy

NWU Scholarship Application

In short:
Proration - Prorated fees will be based on the number of seasons the player is going to participate in. Club Tuition is divided into a seasonal cost (total, divided by 3 seasons). Registration Fee is still the same amount.
Refund - The Registration Fee is non-refundable. The remaining refund will be determined based on the policy outlined in the document below.
"No Pay, No Play" Policy - If a player is more than one month behind on Team Fees or Club Tuition, that player is ineligible to participate in trainings and games. Coaches will be notified of the standing.