Scholarship Application

Applications will be available later in June. You will be notified when they are ready.

To be considered for a scholarship, please print and fill out the following application. You must include a tax return and W2 form from 2016 as proof of combined household income, as these scholarships are "need based" selections. You must also be current on all Team Fees and Club Tuition; if you are not, then please send any additional payments in with your application. We also strongly encourage you to include a letter explaining why financial aid would be helpful (optional). We will not consider an application that stands alone. It must come with the required information and additional necessary payments in order to be considered.

Scholarships will be applied to the final payment of Club Tuition. They will not be applied to Team Fees. Failure to stay current on Club Tuition will result in potential loss of your scholarship. The amount of each scholarship will be  determined at a later date.

Please mail your application and criteria to:
PO Box 2120
Mount Vernon, WA 98273