What is the Technical Training Program?

Northwest United's Technical Training program is designed for the aspiring players in the club to have the opportunity to train each Friday to further enhance and develop their soccer skills. This extra time put into the game can be an invaluable tool for a player to maximize their potential and accelerate their soccer growth at a faster rate. 

Here at the club, we are committed to help the developing player and the elite player. Through these extra sessions a player can actively pursue their goals with careful detailed guidance. Sessions will cover fundamental ball mastery/Coerver and foot skills. Also covered in these sessions will be enhancement of a player's techniques in aerial control, receiving-ball control, range of passing, different finishing (i.e instep, laces, chip, curl) technical principals of individual attacking and defending, shielding, heading and more. 

We are looking to give every player a pathway to become a well-rounded technical player. Our curriculum centers around encouraging creative technical players, and this training, with repetition and consistency, can prove as an excellent tool to improving skill sets and creative thinkers. 

We offer this program free to every player who is registered with our club in our increased dedication to raising the standard. All of our academy teams are given this practice once a week, with the older ages rotating each week.The skills from our new club wide curriculum and the extra technical trainings have proven at Northwest United to be a great tool in gaining increased comfort and proficiency with the ball improving a player’s ability and confidence in games.

After the technical training drills, players enjoy fun small sided games to express the new skills and techniques learned through the sessions. This is great fun for our players! Check for updates on the Club Calendar for the new sessions coming up.