What Can This Program Do For Me?

These trainings would coincide with your team here at Northwest United. This opportunity is a better way for the coaches to assess your ability to play in the academy, and they will ultimately get you immersed with the other Sounders players to get you comfortable enough to showcase your talent for them.
Last year, the Sounders Academy Director, Marc Nichols, came out to train our younger groups and was highly impressed with the level of talent our boys possessed.
Here at Northwest United we will always advocate anyone showing promise, and give honest opinions and advice to be considered for the program. 
To give the Sounders a further chance to see the talent on our boys' side, we have set up friendlies with the Sounders team against our own teams. This not only allows the Sounders to scout our talent, it also enables our boys to see where they need to be, technically and tactically, if they wish to pursue an opportunity with the Seattle Sounders.
We will have another clinic for our young boys soon. Keep a look out for the next date. If you have any questions or further interest please contact our Director of Coaching, Kristian Powell.