What is the Puget Sound Premier League Surf Academy?

Here at Northwest United FC, our coaching staff is continuously striving to not only train each player for the season, but to train them for the future. It is our goal to provide as many pathways into higher level playing as we can possibly create. One of our greatest opportunities lies in the PSPL Surf Academy. Northwest United works with our top players to open doors into the PSPL Surf Academy - an affiliate with the prestigious San Diego Surf, which is San Diego's Premier Soccer Club. 

This Academy provides additional opportunities for elite players to train and compete together under the guidance of top national and regional coaches. It is an improved version of the Olympic Development Program (ODP) system that sought to identify and develop top talent.




Northwest United FC's Coaching Director, Kristian Powell, has been an Academy coach for the past 3 years. He has coached at id2 National events and helped scout players for the National team. This experience has enabled him to prepare our players for the next level, which can ultimately lead them to the Surf Academy. 

Player pools are based on true birth year, not club year. Depending on the age group, the program continues for 9 - 11 months. We work closely with US Club’s PDP and id2 programs, which identify top players for regional camps, national camps, and the US Men’s and Women’s National Teams. The Academy Director, Eddie Henderson, is an id2 scout, a US National team U15 scout.