Northwest United Team Success!

Read all about the 2017-2018 success of our teams!

With the start of the 2017-2018 season underway, here are the success stories from our teams. As always the start of the season holds our summer tournament season, with our teams travelling across the state and country to compete in some of the biggest and largest tournaments hosted! Here are the success stories of the summer!

G07 Red:

Coach Mackay's G07 red team started slow but finished the summer by taking 2nd place in Snohomish Bigfoot. A great success and progress as they enter the league season.

G05 Black:

finishing 2nd place at Bainbridge Island cup.

G03 Black:

the G03 Black had a fantastic summer under Coach Conner, playing in four tournaments and taking 1st place at the Skagit Firecracker and and Snohomish Bigfoot. They also had Courtney Van Giesen and Genna Wright support and now move up from the red team after making big impacts, with Cassie Stady making EPD. Congratulations to the team and Coach Conner!

G02 Black:

A great Summer season for the G02 Black team who reached all 4 finals of their tournaments! They have also had a large number of players make the Puget Sound Premier League Surf Academy, and the Reign Academy.

G02 Red:

Finishing 2nd place at the Skagit Firecracker.

G00 Black:

Participated in 4 touraments, playing up a year in 3 of the tournaments in '99 brackets for Showcase tournaments. Reaching the final of the Skagit Firecracker and Seattle Cup.

B09 Black:

The B09 black team started their first ever premier soccer season by entering 3 tournaments. After a strong showing at the Firecracker, they went on to the Semi Finals of the Rush Cup before playing up a year in the 08 bracket at Bainbridge Island. They also entered the Skagit River Challenge 3 v 3 tournament and took 2nd place!


B08 Black:

The B08 black team had a great start to their second season at premier soccer taking first place at the Skagit Firecracker, and 2nd place at the Snohomish Bigfoot!

B08 Red:

Taking second place at Seattle Cup!

B07 Black:

winners of both the Skagit Firecracker and the Seattle Cup, as well as the Rush Cup. A great summer for the boys and Coach John!

B06 Black:

Finishing the summer season with a 2nd place finish at the Snohomish Bigfoot, with 3 players making the EPD team.

B05 Black:

a great summer for Coach Conner's B05, winning both the Skagit Firecracker and Seattle Cup tournaments and taking second place at at the Rush Cup.

B04 White:

Coach George and his boys had a great summer playing in 4 tournaments, winning the Skagit Firecracker and taking 2nd place in both the Seattle Cup and Rimland Challenge. Finally finishing 3rd in the Snohomish Bigfoot, well done lads!

B03 Red:

The B03's won both the Skagit Firecracker and the Snohomish Bigfoot, another great summer for the B03 Reds!

B01 Black:

Won the Seattle Cup and finish second in the Rimland Challenge and the Snohomish Bigfoot.