Kristian Powell
Director of Coaching

USSF National "A" License
NSCAA Premier Diploma
NSCAA Director of Coaching Diploma
British World Cup Camp Director
2016-2017 Coach:
Boys 2004 Black
Boys 2003 Black
Girls 2007 Black
Girls 2002 Black
Additional Experience:
Current WA Youth EPD Head Coach, 2 years
PSPL Surf PDP Academy Coach, 2 years
Extensive play in Spain, US and England
  Nathaniel White
Assistant Director
of Coaching

Elite Training Trainer
2016-2017 Coach:
Boys 2007 Black
Boys 2005 Black
Boys 2002 Black
Girls 1999/1998 Black
Marcos Vega
USSF National "D" License
Next Level Soccer Director
Technical Training Trainer
2016-2017 Coach:
Boys 2008 Black
Boys 2006 Black
Girls 2005 Black
  Joana Houplin
USSF National "D" License
Micro Program Director
College Prep Program Director
2016-2017 Coach:
Girls 2008 Black
Girls 2006 Black
Girls 2002 Red
Girls 2001 Black
John Wedge
2016-2017 Coach:
Boys 2005 Red
Boys 2004 White
Boys 2003 Red
Boys 2001 Red
  Juan "JC" Ortiz
USSF National "E" License
2016-2017 Coach:
Boys 2005 White (Stanwood)
Girls 2004 Red
Girls 2003 Red
Conner Moe
USSF National "D" License
2016-2017 Coach:
Boys 2001 Black
Boys 1999/1998 Black
Girls 2003 Black
Additional Experience:
Current Western Washington University
Men's Assistant Coach
Montana State University Men's Assistant Coach
Played for WA Crossfire PDL,
Seattle Sounders in NPSL, Thunder Bay Chill PDL
3 year captain at Montana State University

  Geoff Martin
2016-2017 Coach:
Boys 2004 Red
Boys 2000 Black
Ben MacKay
US Soccer "C" License
NSCAA Advanced National Diploma
NWU Coach for 6 years
2016-2017 Coach:
Boys 2006 Red
Girls 2000 Black
Additional Experience:
Youth Soccer Coach, 10 years
Varisty Soccer in Chicago, 4 years
Recreational Adult League, 15+ years

George Kissas
2016-2017 Coach:
Boys 1999/1998 Red
Girls 2000 Red



Mindy Powell
US Soccer "B" License
2016-2017 Coach:
Girls 2004 Black
  Nick Dziminowicz
2016-2017 Coach:
Boys 2008 Red
Girls 2007 Red
Tony Savoy
2016-2017 Coach:
Girls 1999/1998 Red

Additional Experience:
Skagit Valley College Girls' Head Coach

  Christian Warman
Goalkeeper Trainer