Joana Houplin

Featured in October

Joana Houplin
GU10 Premier, GU14 Premier, GU18 Premier
Birthday: February 12, 1990  Born In: The Philippines
When did you start playing soccer? I started playing when I was 8, but I didn't play Club until I was 11. I played Forward and Midfielder.
How many years have you been coaching? 6 total, but 2 as head coach
Where would you like to travel? I would love to go to South Africa, Cape Town
First choice on Netflix? Grey's Anatomy
Favorite homecooked meal? Steak and mashed potatoes
Tell us an embarrassing story: Since I've been coaching for NWU for the G01's and G97's, I consistently get mistaken as a player. Even when I wear a hate, the refs still can't figure out who the coach is and joke about letting me play. It was funny the first couple of times, but I get it almost every game now. Apparently I still look like I'm in middle school!