Core Values


Northwest United FC believe in having these values. Our core values are our beliefs that all coaches, players, parents and members abide with to help make them successful both on and off the field by:

· Commitment – committing to NWU when on and off the field. Players working your hardest to be the best soccer player you can be to effect games and your team. Coaches to commit to their practices, education and representation of the club. Parents to commit to the club and trusting in our development of players

· Success – looking to always achieve all formats of success. Players looking to be successful with results and player development. Coaches to successfully progress and develop every one of their players. Parents to successfully support their child and their club.

· Integrity – being honest and true to yourself. Players to show integrity to themselves and their team. Coaches to have high morals towards their team and club and be honest in the face of diversity. Parents to hold themselves and players accountable.

· Work rate – Contributing their highest effort in everything we do. Players having the focus and determination in all aspects of NWU. Coaches working their hardest to deliver the NWU way. Parents identifying and mirroring efforts from players.

· Respect – Being mindful and respectful of everyone in and around youth soccer. Players, coaches and parents are respectful of teammates, opposition, organizations and everyone related to the game.